Diagnostic Radiography

Today, we have just been experimenting to find out the best position to do and LP chest, we normally do a PA chest but we are experimenting with an LP chest like if you have a patient on a trolley and they can’t stand so ideally. You would want a PH chest because it’s less magnification of the heart, you have the heart as close as possible but with this particular one, the heart is further away from the chest so we should know the best way to position for that.

PA means posterior or anterior and LP is the opposite so it basically means this in Anterior, posterior is for the back straight to the front and LP, it’s basically the opposite. I didn’t have an idea and I just felt there are a lot of things I am interested in and I love working with people which and I love anatomy, I am actually interested in this field when I am learning, revising it, it doesn’t seem like a chore whereas physics does.

We have to do group presentations, we are just going to present how we do the experiment, what we felt was the best way to do it. What exposure is the best one and just different factors that affect the image, what we personally think is the best factors to choose. If you do that, you see what difference it actually makes, it helps you choose the best one so when you are actually going to clinical, when you are working with patients, you have a decent idea of what exposure factors to choose.

That’s why I think it’s such a good course because once you are qualified, you can go into CT, me personally, I want to go into a lab and do radiography. It’s a good practice for me but you can go into CT which is just another branch of radiology, MRI, Magnetic Resonance Imaging or you can go into nuclear med, you can go into sales if you want, you can join Phillips or you can join the military, there are millions of things. It’s a door opener because if they see you going off, they will put you back on track and I think that’s the best way to learn. You don’t need to be shadow dancing, you need to learn this method, I think it’s all about the experimenting.