Radiologic Technology Career

I think the quality to make a good radiology technician are a caring personality and hardworking and a hunger to go to an extra mile to help people. It is someone that can be simple to the public, you need to be able to communicate very well with people from all sorts of life, you need to be able to deal with what’s best for the situation sometimes, able to work with a team, always work individually, be able to delegate tasks if you have to, you definitely need to be a good people person.


That’s a definite skill you need to have in the department, if you think you have a career In radiology, you want to be ready to put in the areas of study, the academic side of the course is also relatively simple in the aspect of when the theory won’t show a placement so the lecturers are very supportive in helping you out with the new anatomy.

What I enjoy most about the course is being able to apply all the technical knowledge to what we do. The course itself is very challenging and generally I split fifty, fifty so I spend fifty percent of your total completing the academic, experience in the hands on contact with patients. It’s very enjoyable being on clinical placement, just mostly because you’re seeing how much your studying is paying off and you’re seeing well this is what my career is going to be.

Students, once they are out in clinical placements receive an awful lot of support, they receive support from university staff, you’re go at lectures to go visit them and support emplacements and then day to day basis and they also have mentors allocated to them to support them to their training. I like working with the public so that is the best bit for me Is working with all the patients and that’s where you really learn, you can learn out of the text book and then learn how things should be done, but every patient is different, always present a different situation and scenario which you have to deal with.

Radiologic technology suits students of all ages because it’s not important how old you are in terms of how you are able to do the job, when we have students from different age groups mixing in the class room, they bring different things to the course and bring the older students bring life experience which of course the younger students have got, the younger students bring perhaps more awareness to things like technology, students who are eligible through residency will receive their tuition fees, their university fees paid on their behalf directed at university in addition to that, eligible students are entitled to apply for this course and because the courses, what we call long courses, they tend to be a roundabout forty five weeks a year.

If someone who’s considered as a career , I would say to them to like really research at first and have a look online maybe Youtube some videos, like actually look at what I actually suppose, go visit an hospital to speak to actual people who are radiologic technologists already and get a feel for the course.